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Want to create more targeted traffic that you can handle? Want to attract cash ready buyers to your site without breaking into a sweat?

... There is a right way and a wrong way to submit your sites using search engines, high ranking directories, RSS Feeds, Blogs, Video Sites, Podcast sites, Social Bookmarking sites, and Press Releases...

...and there is a right way to create an unstoppable flood of free traffic.

You need the right tool
to do the job right!

You wouldn't eat your soup with a fork, or clean your hair with a vacuum cleaner. It probably isn't going to work all that well.

Yes, there is a right way to submit your sites to get them highly ranked.

Do it the right way and you can produce an unstoppable flood of cash-ready buyers and catapult your business to a whole new level.

If you are growing any kind of business, marketing a product or service online, your bottom line is results. You don't have time to waste or money to waste. Every dollar you spend on advertising has to produce results, right?

Well read on because I am about to expose you an exciting new SEO software submitter that was developed by an SEO expert that will send your traffic through the roof, raise your search results, and bring you paying customers for the things you sell.

Now, here in a nutshell, is what this
innovative software will do for you...

  • Content Submission:

    You've heard that content is king. Believe it. The internet is not called the information super highway for nothing. Kule Submit's SEO System allows you or someone working for you to easily submit content to 8 different types of sites: Articles, RSS, Press Releases, Videos, Social Bookmark, Classifieds, Podcasts, & Directories.

    The first 4 types of sites are probably enough to get you highly listed in most of the really good networks, but all 8 types work in unison to create the most powerful SEO system on the planet.

    (If you're not familiar with the term SEO, please look it up on Google – it means “Search Engine Optimization” and it's essentially a way to get Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines to list your sites, pages, videos, and other content for free, and get them ranked highly.)

  • Content Spinning:

    Kule Submit also has a built-in capability to “Spin” Content.

    What this means is that instead of submitting the exact same content (article) to 100 different sites; you'll be able to submit 100 different articles with the same basic idea, but will look totally different to the search engines. This is an extremely important feature which is why we included it Kule Submit.

    If you don't spin your content properly the search engines will look at your duplicate content a couple of times and ignore the other 98 places you submitted it to. With Kule Submit's content spinner you can put an end to being ignored.

    Again, if you're not familiar with “Content Spinning” do a little googling & you'll see how powerful this feature really is. We've even included a Content Spinning Wizard to make this process drop-dead easy for you.

Here's how the software works...

There are three pieces of the puzzle: Content, Profiles, and Sites. Your goal is to submit your content to as many sites as possible. To do that you need to setup profiles from within the software, and again we've made that as easy as 1-2-3.

  • First, you enter your content inside the appropriate profile.

  • Next, you match your profile to the type of site you want to submit the content to; and...

  • Shazam! Mass Content Submission to multiple sites occurs. It's really just that simple.

Kule Submit's SEO System is based on Google's Universal Search. If you do a search in Google, you'll see that it does more than simply return website listings.

If you search for a business, it will first show you it's location on a Google Map. If you search for a celebrity, Google will first show you some of the songs that they sing, some videos, perhaps a couple of new stories, and then maybe a couple of websites.

This is what “Universal Search” is all about. And, that is what the Kule Submit SEO System is all about as well.

Now you are probably saying...

"This is all very interesting but how do I know this software will work for my business or the sites I promote...?"

If someone searches for something and there aren't any news results, they won't show up. If there aren't videos, obviously, Google isn't going to show any. However, that's where the true power of this software comes into play!

If nobody else has videos or press releases in your market that target the terms you've used in your content, you will automatically be one of the first results that show up. If there are results for that term, you will still show up with your fresh, relevant content.

In a short period of time, you can literally dominate entire pages of search results by simply sending out good stuff and targeting the right keyword terms. We'll even show you some keyword selection tricks that work like magic. You'll find them in your members area.

Now you'd have to admit this sounds pretty cool. But there's more...

Not only do we keep the software updated a couple of times a month, if you stumble upon a really cool site that you'd like to submit to, we've made it possible for you to add that site yourself. Now how cool is that. You can literally grow the sites you submit to for as long as you own the license to use the software...

...And we even provide up to date advice and full training so you can finally make decent income online.

There is no other software that comes close to the results you'll get with Kule Submit.

Act Now! Grab your copy now at the discount price...

By the way; there is no limit to the number of pages, websites, domains, videos, podcasts, or any other content you can submit with this software. As long as you remain a member of Kule Submit's program, you will be able to use this software (with free updates).

You can have full, unlimited usage of the software. Use it on any site you want.

This is not a 'Mickey Mouse' submitter. There are dozens of those on the web.

This is a full-blown professional submitter, created by an SEO expert, that is capable of getting your sites listed highly in major search engines and prominently on PR4 and above ranked sites.

Stop playing with toys!

Stop letting the experts steal your money!

We'll show you how to beat them at their own game.

It's time you started using the right tool to get you where you want to go...

But before you order, here's a word of wisdom...

If you don't have some time to set the software up right, or if you aren't going to use it the way it is designed, or you aren't dedicated to using it every day to grow your business and increase your income. Don't buy this software.

If it just sits on your PC doing nothing it won't do you a scrap of good, and frankly we'd sooner it end up in the hands of someone who sees the potential and will use it properly like hundreds of other top marketers do.

But wait, there's more...

We've even included a unique content spinning wizard at no extra cost to you.

This incredible tool will take one article and spin it into a 100 different articles on the same topic so you don't have to keep rewriting your content. That way you can get maximum search engine exposure for your content without being penalized for posting duplicate content.

This is a $97.00 a year value and it yours FREE when you purchase Kule Submit.

Okay, So let's cut to the chase...

Currently there are 50 annual licenses available at only $150.00 per year. That's just $12.50 a month and it's an absolute steal at that price. But be WARNED! The price will go up after the first 50 units are sold.

To give you an idea how valuable this software is. Jane and I pay a company $750.00 a month to do this for us. But act right now and you can grab this software for only $150.00 a year, and that's what we call a down-home, no-hype bargain.

The only decision you need to make is are you willing to put in a little effort to get a load more highly targeted, cash-ready, visitors to your websites in the next 15-45 days?

If you are click the order button now...

Oh, and before I forget you also get access to our complete SEO Submitter training center. It's packed with information to help you get the most out of KuleSubmit.

And, if that's not enough we have even setup a service with our partners who will...

  • Create new profiles for you at the sites we submit to.
  • Enter these profile into the software for you.
  • Send you the setup software along with an excell file with your logins so you can start marketing right away.

    If you really strapped for time and you want someone to...
  • Create your content for you.
  • Do the submissions for you.

    They will provide that service too. The link for these services is on the download page.


Note: Your initial charge will be $150.00 and will appear on your statement as a charge from Clickbank or CLKBANK*COM. You will then be charged $150.00 per year for a period not exceeding 25 years, or until you cancel your membership. Your software will be delivered instantly via a dowloadable zip file and is suitable for all platforms including Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

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